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The following listing provides information about existing B-25s and where they can be found. The list is organized by country, then by state and city. The status of a particular aircraft, whether on static display, storage, in operational condition, or unrecovered, is noted. The locations given are generally the location of the aircraft, not the owner. Some aircraft are being restored in one location for an owner in another state or country. The list will be updated as aircraft are moved around. Obviously, operational aircraft may not be always found at the given location; they may be on tour or display elsewhere. There are several additional unrecovered airframes, mostly crash sites, which may be added at a later date. Also, photos of some of these aircraft will be added soon. Much of this material is drawn the book B-25 Mitchell in Civil Service. This new book provides individual aircraft histories providing the complete story of many of these aircraft and includes both information and photos not found in any other volume. For additional information about those B-25s which were carried on civil registries in the post-war world, jump to Civil B-25 Listing.

Summary (updated 01/26/2015)
Static Display61
Under restoration6
In Storage12
Total Complete Airframes122
Listed Unrecovered Airframes8

Complete B-25 Airframes

Country State City Location B-25 Series Registration Sequence Status Remarks Photo
Argentina Santiago del Estero B-25J 44-31173, LV-GXH Under restoration (also reported as 44-31172) Photo
Australia South Australia Adelaide TB-25K 44-31508, N6578D Disassembled, stored Lucky Lady Photo
Australia Darwin Australian Heritage Aviation Centre B-25D 41-30222 Static display Hawg-Mouth Photo
Austria Salzburg TB-25K 44-86893, N6123C Operational Red Bull Photo
Belgium Vissenaken Brussels Air Museum Foundation TB-25N 44-30925, N9494Z, G-BWGR Under restoration RAF 320 SQ, NO-V 'Victory' Photo
Bolivia Cochabamba Cochabamba Air Base B-25J FA Bolivia 542 Static display
Brazil Bebeduoro War Museum B-25J (s/n ?), FAB 5070 Static display (also reported as FAB 5097)
Brazil Natal B-25J (s/n ?), FAB 5133 Static display
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Museu Aerospacial B-25J 44-30069, FAB 5127 Static display
Canada Alberta Edmonton Alberta Aviation Museum B-25J 44-30791, RCAF 5273 Static display Still missing outer wing panels? Photo
Canada Alberta Wetaskiwin Reynolds Air Museum B-25J 44-86726, RCAF 5237 Static display
Canada Manitoba Winnipeg CFB Winnepeg B-25J 44-86724, RCAF 5203, CF-NTU Static display Gate guard Photo
Canada Ontario Hamilton Canadian Warplane Heritage B-25J 45-8883, N75755, C-GCWA, C-GCWM Operational Grumpy Photo
Canada Ontario Rockcliff National Aviation Museum B-25J 44-86699, RCAF 5244 Static display
Ecuador Quito Museo Aero de la FAE TB-25J 44-86866, N9069Z Static display Photo
Indonesia Jakarta Museum ABRI Satriamandala B-25J 44-30399, M458 Static display
Indonesia Jawa Tengah Air Force Academy B-25J 44-29023, M434 Static display (also reported as 44-29022, M433)
Indonesia Jawa Tengah Air Force Academy B-25J 44-29032, M439 Static display
Mexico Mexico City Chapultepec Park TB-25J 44-29128, N92872 Static display
Mexico Mexico City Santa Lucia Air Base TB-25K 44-30692, N9623C Static Display compilation including also TB-25N 44-29145 Photo
Netherlands Gilze-Rijen AFB Royal Netherlands AF Historical Flight VB-25N 44-29507, N3698G, N320SQ, PH-XXV Operational Photo
Netherlands Overloon National War & Resistance Museum B-25D 41-30792, FR193 Static display
Netherlands Soesterberg Nationaal Militaire Museum B-25J 44-31258, N5-264, M464 Static display
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby National Museum B-25D 41-30163 Static display
Papua New Guinea Tadji B-25C 41-12442 Static display
Russia Monino Monino Air Base B-25J unknown Static display "32850"
Spain Madrid Museo del Aire TB-25N 44-29121, N86427 Static display Photo
UK Duxford American Air Museum TB-25J 44-31171, N7614C Static display Lil' Critter from the Moon Photo
UK Hendon Bomber Command Museum B-25J 44-29366, N9115Z Static display Photo
UK Booker Wycombe Air Park B-25J 44-30861, N9089Z, G-BKXW Storage Photo
USA AL Birmingham Southern Museum of Flight B-25C 41-12634 Storage Lake Murray, SC lake recovery 9/2005 Photo
USA AL Mobile USS Alabama Memorial Park TB-25N 44-31004, N9463Z Static display Photo
USA AL Montgomery Maxwell AFB TB-25N 44-30649, N9452Z Static display Photo
USA AL Troy TB-25K 44-86785, N5262V Operational Georgia Mae Photo
USA AZ Mesa Falcon Field, Arizona Wing, CAF TB-25N 43-35972, N9552Z, N125AZ Opereatonal Maid in the Shade Photo
USA AZ Glendale TB-25J 44-86797, N3438G Operational Old Grey Mare Photo
USA AZ Tucson Pima Air Museum B-25J 43-27712 Static display Photo
USA CA Atwater Castle Air Museum JB-25J 44-86891, N3337G Static display Photo
USA CA Atwater TB-25N 44-28938, N7946C Operational Old Glory Photo
USA CA Camarillo Challenge Publications VB-25N 44-30801, N3699G, N30801 Operational Executive Sweet Photo
USA CA Camarillo Southern California Wing, CAF B-25J 44-30988, PBJ-1J BuNo 35857, N5865V Under restoration Semper Fi (only surviving PBJ) Photo
USA CA Chino Aero Trader TB-25N 43-28204, N9856C Operational Pacific Princess Photo
USA CA Chino Aero Trader TB-25N 44-30210, N9455Z Under restoration Photo
USA CA Chino Planes of Fame TB-25J 44-30423, N3675G Operational Photo Fanny Photo
USA CA Chino Yanks Air Museum TB-25J 44-86791, N8196H, VH-XXV, N6116X Static Display? Photo
USA CA Lancaster Fox Field B-25C 41-13251, N75635, FAD 2502, N3968C New owner; disassembled for shipping Photo
USA CA Ocotillo Wells Aero Trader B-25J 44-30627, FAV 4115, N45HA Storage
USA CA Ocotillo Wells Aero Trader TB-25N 44-30756, N9936Z Storage
USA CA Ocotillo Wells Aero Trader B-25J 44-31504, RCAF 5218, N9753Z Storage
USA CA Palm Springs Palm Springs Air Museum TB-25N 44-86747, N8163H Static Display Mitch the Witch
USA CA Riverside March Field Museum TB-25N 44-31032, N3174G Static display Problem Child Photo
USA CA San Diego Miramar NAS B-25J 44-86727, RCAF 5230, N92875 Static display Photo
USA CA San Martin Wings of History Museum TB-25N 44-30324, N3161G Static Display Photo
USA CA Santa Ana Orange County Airport TB-25J 44-29465, N3523G, N25GL Operational Guardian of Freedom Photo
USA CA Santa Rosa B-25J 44-30302, FAV 3898 Under restoration (also reported as 44-30203)
USA CA Vallejo Nut Tree TB-25N 44-28932, N3476G Operational Tondelayo; Doolittle Center Photo
USA CO Colorado Springs Westpac Restorations TB-25N 44-29199, N9117Z Operational In the Mood Photo
USA CO Colorado Springs Westpac Restorations TB-25N 44-86715, N3442G Storage
USA CT Bradley New England Air Museum B-25H 43-4999, FAV 2502, N3970C Static display Dog Daize Photo
USA DC Washington National Air & Space Museum TB-25N 44-29887, N10564 Storage
USA DE Georgetown TB-25N 44-30734, N9079Z Operational Panchito Photo
USA FL Deland History Flight B-25H 43-4106, N5548N Operational Barbie III Sold to new owner? Photo
USA FL Mary Esther Hurlbert Field TB-25J 43-28222, N5256V Static display Photo
USA FL Pensacola National Naval Aviation Museum TB-25N 44-29035, N3516G, FAV-4161, N61821 Static display Photo
USA FL Polk City Fantasy of Flight TB-25N 43-28059, N9857C, C-GTTM, N26975, N1943J Operational Apache Princess Photo
USA FL Valparaiso Armament Museum, Eglin AFB TB-25N 44-30854 Static display Photo
USA GA Alpharetta B-25J 44-31121? Storage s/n doubtful
USA GA Douglas Tom Reilly Vintage Aircraft B-25J 44-86697, RCAF 5239, N92876, FAV 0953, N62163 Operational Killer B Photo
USA GA Warner Robins Robins AFB TB-25J 44-86872, N2888G Static display The Little King Photo
USA HI Honolulu Pacific Aviation Museum TB-25N 44-30077 Static display as B-25B 40-2261 composite of 44-30077, 44-30627, and 44-30090 Photo
USA IL Rantoul Chanute AFB B-25J 44-30635 Static display
USA IN Peru Grissom AFB TB-25N 44-86843, N3507G Static display Photo
USA KS Liberal Mid-American Air Museum TB-25N 44-30535, N9462Z Static display Iron Laden Maiden Photo
USA LA New Orleans National World War II Museum TB-25N 44-29812, N2854G Static display Photo
USA MI Brighton Warbirds of Glory TB-25N 44-30733, N9088Z Under restoration incorporates cockpit, nose of TB-25K 44-30947 Photo
USA MI Kalamazoo Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum B-25H 43-4899, N66572, N1582V, N37L Static display Photo
USA MI Ypsilanti Willow Run, Yankee Air Museum B-25D 43-3634, CF-NWV, N3774 Operational Yankee Warrior Photo
USA MN Anoka C&P Aviation TB-25J 45-8884, N3156G, C-GCWJ, N5833B Operational Lady Luck Photo
USA MN Granite Falls Fagen Fighters TB-25J 44-86698, RCAF 5248, CF-NWU, N543VT, C-GUNO, N325N Operational Paper Doll Photo
USA MN South St. Paul Fleming Field, Southern Minnesota Wing, CAF TB-25K 44-29869, N3160G, N27493 Operational Miss Mitchell Photo
USA MO St. Louis Missouri Wing, CAF TB-25J 44-31385, N3481G, N345TH Operational Show Me
USA MT Great Falls Malmstrom AFB TB-25N 44-30493, N9451Z Static display Photo
USA MS Columbus Tide Aircraft TB-25N 44-29127, N9899C Restoration Registraton cancelled 5/13
USA NC Asheboro North Carolina Aviation Museum TB-25N 44-28866, N5277V, CF-OND, N225AJ, N744CG Operational Carolina Girl Photo
USA ND Fargo Fargo Air Museum TB-25K 44-30010, N9641C Static display (unrestored TB-25K) Photo
USA ND Grand Forks Grand Forks AFB TB-25N 44-28834, N9865C Static display Flo Photo
USA NE Lincoln Strategic Air Command Museum TB-25M 44-30363 Static display Photo
USA NJ Millville Tom Duffy TB-25N 44-30832, N3155G Operational Take Off Time Photo
USA NJ Monmouth Allaire Airport B-25 40-2168, N75831, XB-GOG, N2825B Operational Miss Hap
USA NV Carson City TB-25N 44-30606, N5249V, N201L Operational Tootsie Photo
USA OH Cincinatti TriState Warbird Museum TB-25N 45-8898, N3681G, N898BW Operational Axis Nightmare, acquired 9/22/04 Photo
USA OH Dayton USAF Museum B-25D 43-3374 Static display Displayed as B-25B Photo
USA OH Newbury VB-25N 44-86708, N3682G Storage Walter Spolata Collection
USA OH Port Clinton Liberty Aviation Museum TB-25N 44-86777, N9167Z, N345BG Operational Georgie's Gal Photo
USA OK Oklahoma City TB-25J 44-86725, RCAF 5243, N92889,FAV 5880, FAB-541, N25NA Operational Super Rabbit Photo
USA OR Madras Erickson TB-25N 44-30748, N3447G, N8195H Operational Heavenly Body Photo
USA OR Pendleton Pendleton Air Museum TB-25N 44-30243, N9622C, N17666 Static display On loan from USMC Museum Photo
USA PA Reading Mid-Atlantic Air Museum TB-25N 44-29939, N9456Z Operational Briefing Time Photo
USA SC Charleston Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum B-25D 41-29784, N5078N, N122B, N2DD, N2XD Static display Fertile Myrtle Photo
USA SC Columbia Owens Field B-25C 41-13285 Static display Photo
USA SD Rapid City Ellsworth AFB VB-25J 43-4030, N3339G Static display
USA TX Dallas Cavanaugh Flight Museum TB-25N 44-28925, N7687C Operational How 'Boot That Photo
USA TX Fredericksburg Nimitz Museum B-25J 44-86880 Static display Photo
USA TX Galveston Lone Star Flight Museum TB-25N 44-86734, N9090Z, N600DM, N333RW Operational Special Delivery Photo
USA TX Georgetown CAF TB-25K 44-86758, N9643C Operational Devil Dog Photo
USA TX Houston Texas Flying Legends Museum B-25J 45-8835, N69345, CF-DKU, N5672V Operational Betty's Dream Photo
USA TX Mt. Pleasant Mid-America Flight Museum TB-25N 44-30823, N1042B Operational God and Country Photo
USA TX Pampa B-25 Preservation Group B-25D 43-3308, KL 156, N8011, HP-428, CP-915 Static display On loan from USMC Photo
USA TX San Angelo Goodfellow AFB B-25J 44-28875 Static display Photo
USA TX San Antonio Lewis Air Legends TB-25L 44-30456, N3512G, C-GTTS, N43BA, N125PF, N747AF Operational Russian Ta Get Ya Photo
USA TX San Antonio Lackland AFB TB-25N 44-29835, N3676G Static display Photo
USA TX San Marcos Central Texas Wing, CAF TB-25N 43-27868, N9077Z, N25YR Operational Yellow Rose Photo
USA UT Odgen Hill AFB Museum TB-25N 44-86772, N9333Z Static Display Photo
USA VA Virginia Beach Military Aviation Museum TB-25K 44-30129, N7947C Operational Wild Cargo Photo
USA WA Everett Flying Heritage Collection TB-25K 44-30254, RCAF 5211, CF-MWC, N41123 Operational Photo
USA WA Everett Historic Flight Collection B-25D 43-3318, KL 161, CF-OGQ, N88972, G-BYDR, N25644, N88972 Operational Photo
USA WI Milwaukee General Mitchell Airport TB-25K 44-30444 Static display Photo
USA WI Oshkosh EAA B-25H 43-4432, N90399, N10V Static display Photo
Uraguay Montevideo Museuo Aeronautico B-25J 43-27847, FA Uruguaya G3-156(?) Static display Photo
Uraguay Montevideo Museu Nacional de Aviacion B-25J 44-30743, FA Uruguaya G3-158 Static display
Venezuela Barquismeto Teniente Vicente Landaeta Gil AB B-25J 44-30631(?), FA Venozolanas 4-B-40 Static display
Venezuela Maracay Museo Aeronautico FAV B-25J 43-28096 Static display

Partial B-25 Airframes

Country State City Location B-25 Series Registration Sequence Status Remarks Photo
Australia NT Winnellie Australian Aviation Heritage Center B-25C 41-12913, N5-139 Storage nose section only Photo
Australia NT Winnellie Australian Aviation Heritage Center B-25C 41-12924, N5-133 Storage Photo
France Melum Sion B-25J 45-8811, N9621C, F-AZID, HB-RDE, F-AZZU Wreckage parts after crash landing Russell's Raiders Photo
Mexico Mexico City TB-25N 44-29145, N9877C (?) Storage of parts? parts left from restoration of TB-25K 44-30692
Netherlands Lelystad Aviodrome B-25D 42-87261 Static Aviondrome Theme Park, cockpit only
USA AK Nome B-25 unknown Recovered wreck stored at Nome airport as of 5/14 Photo
USA CA Hawthorne TB-25N 44-30733, N9088Z Storage cockpit and nose section Photo
USA CA Ocotillo Wells Aero Trader B-25B 40-2347 Storage
USA CA Ocotillo Wells Aero Trader TB-25J 44-29839, N7669C Storage Parts only
USA CA Ocotillo Wells Aero Trader B-25C 42-32354 Storage
USA CA Ocotillo Wells Aero Trader TB-25N 44-29943, N9444Z, N944 Storage
USA CA Ocotillo Wells Aero Trader TB-25K 44-30090, N9633C Storage
USA CA Ocotillo Wells Aero Trader B-25J 44-30761, N3398G Storage Parts only
USA CA Ocotillo Wells Aero Trader TB-25J 45-8887, N3680G Storage
USA CA Ocotillo Wells? Aero Trader? B-25J 45-8882, N75754, N32T Storage
USA FL Ocotillo Wells? Aero Trader? B-25J 44-31104, PBJ-1J BuNo 35876, N5856V, N177E, N39E Storage
USA DC Washington VB-25N 44-28765, N9443Z Static display, forward fuselage
USA IL Marengo Mike Kellner B-25D 42-87558 Storage Photo
USA MI Brighton Warbirds of Glory TB-25K 44-30947, N92880 Restoration cockpit and nose section being incorporated into TB-25N 44-30733
USA NE Lincoln Strategic Air Command Museum TB-25N 44-28738, N3441G Static display Fuselage only
USA TN Sevierville Tennessee Air Museum B-25 unknown Static display Cockpit and nose Photo
USA VA Quantico USMC Museum B-25J Static display Cockpit only
USA WA Ephrata SLAFCO TB-25N 44-28833, N9866C Reported? Wings only

Unrecovered B-25 Airframes

Country State City Location B-25 Series Registration Sequence Status Remarks Photo or Link
Australia NT Broome B-25J 43-30900, N5-254 underwater
Australia NT Melville Island B-25D 41-12914, N5-133 Crash site Partial
Papua New Guinea Popondetta B-25H 43-4450
Papua New Guinea Near Wangat Island B-25D 41-30118 Underwater Link
Papua New Guinea Talasea B-25H 43-4513 Unrecovered
USA AK B-25H 43-4108, N58HA Once registered but unrecovered
USA AZ 25 miles SSW of Yucca B-25J 44-31401 Crash site, 8/11/45 Link
USA VA 12 mi NW Bedford B-25D 41-29828 Crash site, 2/3/43

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